Waste Treatment

Urbanization, industrialization and economy growth are all affecting the environment. With increasing demands of basic necessities of life, billions of tons of waste are produced each year. Facing the challenge, we must raise the ratios of transforming waste to energy and material recycling. In SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT, we carefully manage each stage of the waste cycle, from waste collection and sorting to treatment and recycling, as well as soil remediation so as to protect and use the resources rationally to the largest extent.

SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT manages the complete waste cycle

Street cleaning and waste collection, Sorting and pretreatment of wastes, Recovery, regenerate and recycle materials extracted from wastes, Transform the green wastes and fermentable garbage into compost for agriculture and gardening usage, Waste-to-energy incineration for electricity and heat, treat the fumes and slag properly, Non-recycled wastes are treated through landfill, and the biogas is recovered for heat and electricity, Treatment and recovery of complex wastes, such as scrapped vehicles, aircraft etc., Treatment of hazardous wastes and hospital wastes through incineration, Land remediation, remove the pollutants from the soil and groundwater