Waste recycling

The fight against pollution and the scarcity of raw materials have put waste recovery at the top of the agenda. Every stage of waste management requires high-level expertise for maximum efficiency of viable and high-performance recovery process. Today, SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT is positioned throughout the entire waste cycle and puts its know-how into waste recycling by creating secondary raw materials and recovering energy.


Since the end of 2011, SITA has been operating an“exemplary”, cutting-edge energy recovery plant. The ReEnergy plant, in Roosendaal, Netherlands, is one of the most modern and high-performance sites in Europe. With a capacity of 291,000 tonnes, it processes the waste of more than 1.9 million people a year and generates 256,000 MWh of power, equivalent to the electricity consumption of 70,000 households.


Creating partnerships with industrial companies is an essential lever to drive waste recovery forward. With Nexans, a global cable expert, SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT has created a used cable recycling unit to recover copper as well as plastic from cable sheaths. Specific recycling processes have also been set up for end-of-life aircrafts, in partnership with Airbus, Snecma and other partners in the aeronautics sector, and for end-of-life boats.