Sita Waste services

SITA Waste Services Company Limited, a subsidiary of SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT specialised in waste management, has been an active player in Hong Kong since 1987 and Macau since the 1990’s. SITA provides a complete waste management service and operates two of the world’s largest and most modern landfill facilities located in Hong Kong, known as WENT and NENT that have a combined capacity of around 100 million tons.


In order to make more efficient use of gases from NENT, SITA has developed a synthetic natural gas project, converting the landfill gases into renewable energy and transferring the energy to its clients. The project is one of the largest landfill gas collection, recycling and regeneration projects throughout the world, which is able to reduce the greenhouse gases emission, combat climate change trend and save energy.


In addition, SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT has designed, built and operate through SITA a 60,000 tons per year hazardous waste incineration plant for processing waste generated by industries operating at the Shanghai Chemical Industry Park. Meeting EU emission standards, it is a pioneer for China in terms of size and technology and also involves energy recovery under the form of steam.