Presence in China

In China, our goal is to support the government's ambitious environmental goals that are helping to realize a harmonious society. This goal is embedded in our business every day. It means that we deliver clean water to residents of Changshu, protect Yangtze River in Chongqing, reduce pollution risks from hazardous waste in Shanghai, and implement the circular economy concept by producing a renewable energy source from our landfill facility in Hong Kong and recycling the wastewater sludge in Suzhou.


We do all this in partnerships. That is because every community has a different need, and we believe that our partners are uniquely positioned to help us identify and meet those needs. Around the world, SUEZ has been a pioneer in Public Private Partnerships (PPP). In China, we transfer our world-class technology with adaptation to local conditions thanks to our local partnerships.

Key Data of SUEZ in China
  • 8000 employees
  • Managing over 30 water contracts in more than 20 cities
  • Providing domestic water to 20 million people
  • Building over 240 water and wastewater treatment plants
  • Operating and managing two of the world’s largest landfill facilities in Hong Kong
  • Operating and managing Asia's largest hazardous waste incinerator in Shanghai
  • Providing environmental services to 8 Chinese industrial parks



Studies, master plans and project management
Engineering and construction all type of water treatment plants
Drawing water from nature and treat for safety consumption
Water storage and distribution, monitor, manage and maintain the pipe network
Municipal water supply and related service
Industrial water and wastewater treatment service
Wastewater treatment and reuse for watering, irrigating or industrial processes
Sludge treatment and recycling for using as fertilizer, construction materials or fuels